Pastoral Greeting

We’re glad you took time to visit us on the web. We are a church that seeks to serve you with ways to enrich your life and your faith. Here you’ll discover compassionate people, fervent worship, and compelling messages. We are people of various races, ethnic origins, nationalities, ages, and social backgrounds. If you were to walk into one of our services and look around at the people present, you would probably see someone like you!

On the outside, our physical features distinguish us, but in our hearts, we are united as a community by a common experience of the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. Further, we are united by our undying love for God’s Truth and our enduring belief in each other. The love by which God has drawn us into a “greater life” and weaved us together as a church family makes it easy for us to express the same warmth and friendliness by bringing healing and wholeness to the lives that we come into contact with. Please join the journey!

– The Pastoral Team