Global Missions

This Map shows current Partners in Missions (PIM) our church supports on a monthly basis. While this is a detailed glimpse of individual countries we support, we also support whole regions.


Richard Lucas
Lynden Shalm


David Schwarz

Central America:

David Schwarz


Michael Tuttle

Middle East:

Gary Reed
Mark Starin
Michael Tuttle

North Africa:

Neil Parker

South America:

Darry Crossley


AIM – Jonathan Maki
Baltic Republics – Mark Shutes
International – Monte Showalter
Kingdom of Tonga – Bennie Blunt
Leeward I- Stephen Shirley
Micronesia West – David Dibble
Military District – Richard Lucas
Monaco – John Nowacki
Palestine – Robert McFarland
Regional – David Dibble
Windward Islands – Henry Ritchie