From outreach sessions to events and camps, new faces are always welcome. Not only do we get to be crazy and have fun, but we have the opportunity to impact young people at a crucial time in their lives! Our mission is to challenge them to love God and people passionately, to learn God’s Word so well that it completely changes their worldview, and to lead for Christ in their homes and schools.

General Youth Division (GYD) | MN Youth Facebook

Some of our exciting events include:

  1. Application Wednesday – off-site youth outreach, with different activities every meeting.

    Last Wednesday of the Month.

  2. Sunday School – biblical instruction that is youth-focused in a language that teens will understand and connect with.

    Sunday at 9:30 AM

  3. Quarterly Events – retreats, summer camps and rallies that include youth from across the state.

Why do we do all this stuff? Because we’re passionate about our faith and our generation!